2019 Football Season Tickets

2019 Football Season Tickets


Season Ticket Prices:

Club Level Seating: $600 (Club Level is Sold Out)
Contact the Paladin Club for wait list information.
Paladin Hospitality Zone: $175 per seat.
Purple Stadium Seating: $145 per seat in Sections 3 and 8.
Chairback Seating: $110 per seat in Sections 2, 4 and 8. 
Grandstand Seating: $85 per seat in Sections 1, 5 and 6.
General Admission: $70 per seat in the East Stands.






Congressional Tax Reform:

In December of 2017, as part of the tax reform bill, Congress passed legislation eliminating the 80% philanthropic component for donations made to Universities for the right to purchase season tickets. Under the old Paladin Club structure, donors who purchased season tickets were able to deduct 80% of their entire contribution for tax purposes. As with all gifts, we encourage you to speak with a tax advisor as it pertains to your contribution.

After review of this new legislation and examining our current seat donation policy structure, the Paladin Club and Furman Athletics have made the following changes to protect the tax deductibility of current and future Paladin Club donations:

  1. A Paladin Club donation is no longer required to have the right to purchase reserved season tickets in former Paladin Club seating zones within Paladin Stadium. Furman fans may purchase season tickets in any section of Paladin Stadium as long as the seats are available for purchase, and they pay the corresponding cost of the tickets for the section. Renewing season ticket holders will have the first right of refusal to renew their seats in Paladin Stadium up until May 1, 2019, at which time unrenewed seats will be released for sale.
  2. Because of the benefit change listed in #1, contributions made to the Paladin Club will be 100% tax-deductible, and you are still eligible to receive Paladin Club benefits such as parking, hospitality, etc. (see benefits chart for full offering).
  • Please consult your tax advisor for more specific guidance to your tax situation.